Virtual classrooms

We create next-generation virtual classroom e-learning environments: a refined blend of visual tools (i.e. video conferencing, interactive media, mobile apps), behavioural modelling, and online learning strategies designed to facilitate knowledge and consensus building over distance.

Our research and approach is about facilitating the human inclination to communicate in a manner that feels natural in an online environment. This approach, coupled with astute instructional technology design and integration, is the key to a world where “space has vanished” and ideas and learning flourish.

This is our blueprint, all executed in close collaboration with you and your fellow human beings:

Guiding Questions (generate→) e-Learning Models (which inform→) Experience Design (realized by→) Production and Programming (concluding with→) Scientific Evaluation.

e-Learners are provided with interactive tools which inspire collaborative learning activities and are connected to pedagogy, resources, rich media, mentors, peers, and data. User feedback informs us about the e-learner’s curiosities, the need for more information about uncertainties, while scientific evaluation provides requirements for modifications of the interactive tools and pedagogy for the e-learning process.

20 years of research confirms that people learn better and produce better ideas by active enquiry, collaboration and experimental problem solving than by the passive reception and exchange of information. But people and organizations now face global pressures: travel time, jet lag, airport security, green shifts, competitive labour markets, an ever-changing technological paradigm….and that annoying luggage fee! The pressing demands of today’s world, pervasive social and technological change, global and environmental responsibility, requires that we find new methods of learning, training, and collaborating over distance.

Our research began in 2000, here in the 2nd-largest country in the world, where every community is remote from every other and where distance is a daily fact of life. This is the environment that shaped McLuhan’s perspective on all-at-onceness, and it has shaped ours.

Canadian media guru Marshall McLuhan
“As new technologies come into play, people become less and less convinced of the importance of self expression. Teamwork succeeds private effort.”
Marshall McLuhan