We began researching what is now called e-learning and the virtual classroom when the practice was still in an incubator, and interaction over networks meant shaky connections and near-intolerable glitch, noise, and latency.

Since 2000, our advanced research in virtual classrooms has gradually moved from research labs and networks into the mainstream. Much of what we can show you was created in conjunction with academic, not-for-profit, and cultural organizations where the general rule was ‘do what you can with what you’ve got’. And this is the approach we still take!

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Here are some of our early research projects from the archive:

Fr. Vermilion School District, Alberta

Virtual classroom design and evaluation for science, math, and technical shop classes. In conjunction with the University of Alberta. 5 schools were connected in the huge Fort. Vermillion School District in northern Alberta using applied synchronous and asynchronous methods.

Marsville.tv Performance Space meets Cyberspace

Client: Industry Canada

In conjunction with the Communications Research Centre, the National Research Centre of Canada, the Banff Centre for Continuing Education, Canterbury School for the Arts, Ottawa, and high schools across the country. This is a screen capture of the original project website, which contained plans for a streaming video portal. MarsvilleTV videos can be found here

Undergraduate Diploma in Digital Media and the Arts

Client: Carleton University

In conjunction with the Communications Research Centre’s Virtual Classroom, and the National Research Council of Canada. A blended learning approach to a 5-course diploma and ePortfolio in digital media within a fine arts program.