e-Learning Technology

e-Learning Technology is the design and practice, management, and integration of video conferencing, online e-learning tools, and learning management systems into the classroom or workplace to support teaching, training and problem solving locally and over distance.

We believe the task drives the use of technology and not vice versa. This is the most important design principle and worth repeating: the task drives the technology! That means designing resources and facilities that are about more than making another scientific toy.

We can help you design the right virtual classroom environment by following these crucial steps:

Needs analysis ICT Specification →  Product Development and Programming →  Technology Integration →  Rigorous testing and scientific evaluation

The International Society for Technology in Education acknowledges the power of new media in a learning environment and defines the benefits of technology integration as:

“…a tool to enhance the learning in a content area or multidisciplinary setting… Effective integration of technology is achieved when students are able to select technology tools to help them obtain information in a timely manner, analyze and synthesize the information, and present it professionally. The technology should become an integral part of how the classroom functions — as accessible as all other classroom tools. The focus in each lesson or unit is the curriculum outcome, not the technology.”

In the classroom or the corporate training centre, technology integration can involve a vast array of web-conferencing, tele-conferencing, interactive and virtual environments, or everybody’s favourite: the PowerPoint presentation.

We prefer the more exciting and engaging options, those which adapt a wide variety of digital media over distance to create a seamless integration of real and virtual world interaction. A human(e) media lab versus a computer workstation that provokes visions of machines being hurled through 34th floor windows!

We’ve introduced rich media technology into school boards, universities, labs, design and production studios, and performance venues; and connected creative, curious and adventurous people across Canada and around the world in rich, real time, multi location experiences. We have employed the widest variety of commercially available and original product solutions, as well as a rigorous and scientific evaluation process.

IBM Mainframe, the 7094
“[Distance] learning programs are invaluable because they provide a segment of our population with critical literacy and job-related skills as well as the means to take their careers to the next level,”
Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee