About Us

We’ve been researching leading-edge virtual classroom methodologies since 2000. Our team consists of some of Canada’s top e-learning researchers, instructional designers, interactive media developers, and e-learning technology specialists, located in Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary.

We’ve helped establish communities and best practices through dozens of projects involving hundreds of teachers, students, researchers and creators. We’ve connected talented, curious kids and classrooms with mentors and peers in faraway places. We’ve taken organizations with limited resources and fostered effective, collaborative communities over vast distances. And we’ve shown people how instructional technologies on broadband networks can be best used to facilitate, unite, inspire, and inform.

Our work goes back a long way. Our earliest experiments were conducted on ISDN (telephone) lines. Over the years Canada’s research facilities have advanced to the level of 10-gigabit optical paths (that’s super high speed!) to provide us with a world-leading environment for the study of network-mediated learning and collaboration over distance. And since 2000, our work in the virtual classroom has gradually moved from research labs and networks into the mainstream.

We hope that Canadian research in this field is the best in the world, and we’d love to share it with you.