Our Mission

We specialize in online learning and instructional design consultation services for Canada's academic and not-for-profit sectors.

And, we'll train your staff and support capacity building within your organization so you can create effective and affordable online learning suited to your future needs.

Our philosophy

We begin from the belief that the task drives the use of technology and not vice versa. This is worth repeating: the task drives the technology! We see human media; not ICT. That means designing resources and strategies that are about more than just another scientific toy.

We've linked dozens of our classrooms across great distances and facilitated the sharing of knowledge among teachers and students across Canada and the globe. Our methods are based on advanced pedagogical research. Our success is based on one simple test: equal achievement regardless of who is where!

Our story

We’ve been developing leading-edge virtual classroom methodologies since 2000. Our network consists of some of Canada’s top e-learning researchers, instructional designers, and interactive media developers located in Toronto, Ottawa, and Calgary.

Our Virtual Classrooms services offer decades of experience as educators and digital media / technology researchers and developers for a leading-edge perspective on virtual training and online collaboration. We offer unique solutions grounded in the most advanced research and practice available.

How We Can Help

We understand the academic and not-for-profit sectors. Limited budgets, human resources, and increasing demands are challenges in organizations who are equally in need of effective, affordable and sustainable learning and training products. It's daunting, but we can help!

Our Virtual Classrooms services include the full range of instructional design, technology solutions, and e-learning product development. We offer guidance and consultation as needed to fulfil your requirements, and we'll train your in-house team for capacity building to facilitate your future success.